5 Latina-Owned Organic Skincare Brands That'll Make You Glow

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Feeling fabulous in your skin is important. From figuring out how many steps and products are needed for a skincare routine to what vitamin C product they should be using every morning, everyone is always on the hunt for the next best thing. Finding out what truly works for you can feel a little bit like calculus especially when you don't know where you should be getting your goods from.

With Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday around the corner, we're shining the light on some amazing Latina-owned small businesses that are doing something truly special. These Latinas are creating skincare products that not only honor la cultura but are also amazing for your skin. From nourishing organic soap bars to gentle cleansers, these girls got you covered.

1. Becalia Botanicals

Mexican American founder and CEO, Jazzmin Guerrero, wanted to make a skincare brand that was equal parts intentional and transparent. She wanted to create products that not only celebrated her Latin heritage but also made people feel empowered when they used them. From lush body butters to her hibiscus clay mask, her skincare products feature ingredients that celebrate everything that makes the Latin culture vibrant. Items range from $9 to $48. www.becaliabotanicals.com.

2. Covey

When founders Christina Garcia and Emily DiDonato set out to create their own skincare brand they wanted to do something that was effective and simple to do every day. Like most women, they once believed that the 10+ step system was the way to go, but after talking to experts in the field they found out that lengthy routines were a no-go. Garcia and DiDonato came up with a simple three-step routine that is "scientifically backed" and going to save you loads of time. The Covey routine goes for $137. www.coveyskin.com

3. BelaDoce Botanicals

Founder Elena Marques had over ten years of professional skincare experience when she set out to create BelaDoce Botanicals for folks who had skin sensitivities (much like herself). She wanted to create products that didn't irritate the skin and also used the best ingredients available (without breaking the bank). Folks can now feel extra luxurious when using any of her products like her Amethyst Crystal Soap ($9) or her Blue Velvet Serum Facial Soap ($9). www.beladocebotanicals.com


Founded by Mexican American Sandra Velasquez, NOPALERA takes its cues from the iconic nopal cactus and is sustainable and nourishing. Velasquez wanted to create something that honored her culture in a way that felt authentic to the sights and sounds she grew up with. She believes that skincare should celebrate the resilience and natural beauty in everyone. Items range from $14 to $32. www.nopalera.co

5. Tap Tap Organics

Costa Rican founder Patricia Fonseca was first inspired to dive into the world of natural beauty after becoming increasingly frustrated by the lack of transparency found within the skincare industry during her first pregnancy. Around this time she also caught wind of the Zero Waste Movement that promotes the elimination of plastic use for the good of the environment. Because of her philosophy on skincare and the environment, she decided to make Tap Tap Organics part of the circular beauty movement. Once you've finished off your products, you can ship the packaging back to be recycled and reused for new products. Items range from $9 to $110. www.taptaporganics.com/

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